Saturday, October 30, 2010


There's one more sketch with Meg and Ariel, but I'll finish these first.
Just in case I can't finish them all before tomorrow.

I should be studying. D:
BUT...Halloween comes first!


  1. These are awesome! I love the one with Belle and Aurora. You should really consider coloring these and posting them on your deviantart :D

  2. I just finished them. I'm working on the Meg and Ariel one right now. I'll be posting them on my dA a little bit later though.

  3. I love these! <3 (Especially the Belle and Aurora one.)

    I was wondering, why did you choose to draw Disney-like/when did it first start to influence you? :3

    (And psssh, Halloween always comes before homework. (; )

  4. Thankyou!♥

    I've always been a Disney freak. I didn't start shipping until I re-watched The Incredibles a few years ago. I noticed that Mirage and Violet reminded me a lot of myself and this woman I knew and hooked up with. So I decided to try out putting Mirage and Violet together. And from then on I wanted to try it out with my other favorite characters. And it works for some reason. ^^;